Pocket Mouse

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Pocket Mouse Pocket Mouse Pocket Mouse Pocket Mouse

Pocket Mouse

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    • Wireless & Efficient
    • Ergonomic Pen Shape
    • Works Up to 30 Feet Away
    • Compatible with Desktops, Laptops and Tablets
    • Works on Any Surface with Pinpoint Accuracy
    • Easy to Install with USB Port – No Software Required!

    Pocket Mouse Pen-Shaped Wireless Optical Mouse is the mouse you hold like a pen. As seen on TV, the ergonomic shape makes it a comfortable alternative for those with arthritis or hand pain. Simply plug the receiver into a USB port on your device. There’s no complicated software to install, so you can start using it right away. Enhanced optical technology enables you to work any surface…no mouse pad required! Write, click and swipe with incredible precision and accuracy. A built-in scroll bar lets you easily scroll through pages, too. Use it with desktops, laptops and tablets. Plus, it works from up to 30 feet away so you can use it from anywhere in the room.

    Use Your Computer with Ergonomic, Wireless Efficiency

    Escape the shackles of the conventional computer mouse! The Pocket Mouse wireless mouse is anything but traditional. As Seen on TV, it's shaped like a pen for comfort, wireless for use up to 30 feet away and easy to install without software by simply plugging a receiver into a USB port.

    The Pocket Mouse doesn't need a pad and works on any surface with pinpoint accuracy. Click, swipe or write with effortless efficiency. It also has a built-in scroll wheel. The ASTV product is compatible with desktops, laptops and tablets. You can also flip it over to use as a stylus for touch screens!

    Compact and portable, the Pocket Mouse puts less strain on your hand and is ideal for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. The popular TV item gives you better control and its wide communication range allows you to leave your desk or table and move around the room. Includes a bonus stand.

    So free yourself from the confines of old technology and get wireless innovation with Pocket Mouse!